Lauren McPherson


Audition Pledge
Lauren was born in Huntsville in 1985, but moved around when she was young.  Now that she’s old, she’s back in Huntsville.Since the age of 13, Lauren has been acting in plays, but she doesn’t like to talk about that.  At all.  No, never mind.  Forget we said anything.  In lieu of plays, she decided to try improv in 2009, and has never looked back.

When she’s not improv-ing, she enjoys baking and is writing a book about a puppy who is friends with a moose.  Yes, that sounds stupid.  No, she doesn’t want opinions about HOW stupid.

Lauren has been married for two years to Caleb, who puts up with her remarkably well.  She can most often be seen either in grainy photographs that don’t actually prove anything, or on the Sam & Greg’s stage on Tuesday nights.