Get your GROUPON tickets!

Thank you for taking a look around.

If you purchased a Groupon deal on October 20th, 2011, then YEAH FOR YOU! You have received a whole lotta laughs all bottled up and ready to be served with a giggling, fizzy flourish!

A couple things to remember.

1 – Booking your show early insures your reservation for that show. Since the theatre seating is limited, please be mindful that we have other friends in need of a HUGE guffaw, and have jumped very, very early onto reservations for a certain show date.

2 – Any questions are best sent to me via email: That’s the best way to get to me. If you do call 256.654.2489, I will try to answer but may be on the phone with someone else, and you’ll be asked to leave a voice mail. If I could clone myself to talk to everyone … I would.

3 – Once you contact me about your Groupon purcahse, your tickets will be MAILED to you well in advance of the show(s). EXCEPT, of course, the week of the show … we will keep your ticket(s) for you at the boxoffice and/or Groupon table.

4 – We are ecstatic to serve you and ask for your patience while we deliver the show tickets PLUS get you settled into a snorting, coughing, gasping, wheezing, laugh saturated FIT! Thank you!

Where Comedy is Reality!
Eugene A. Banks
Artistic Director